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IS THE CLOUD IN YOUR FUTURE? ...or is it all a FOG to you?


An undeniable strength of the American economy is in the vibrant community of successful small businesses... and information technologies are virtually a requirement in today's business world.

Vertical Technology Services (VTS) is in the business of providing your start up or established micro/small business the IT services necessary for success in your endeavors.

Your micro-business is not  too small for Vertical Technology Services to support. Even if you need to migrate to the cloud. We offer support and services for all endeavors of the small business community. We often support the SoHo of just one or two computers and a laptop, and micro-not-for-profit.

VTS provides your small business the same opportunities a large enterprise has that can harness the power of Intranet and Network technologies. We are small business professionals and network engineers dedicated to your success.

















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Technology Services for Small Business

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