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At Vertical Technology Services, we provide IT support for your start up or your established micro or small business. If you have an established business, Vertical Technology Services will work seamlessly with your staff and existing network, intranet, and internet needs. If a Start Up, we will be there from the beginning.

Your success can be achieved by using technology to the level necessary to achieve your current goals without the burden of technology. Vertical Technology Services will design a strategy for your business growth and manage IT services. The two should not out-grow each other.

Although computers and Information Technology are virtually a requirement in today's business world, the majority of business tasks MUST be handled with technology. If the truth be said, technology may not solve all of your business challenges. Keep reading. The key word here is "All". We admit the list is a short list and getting shorter by the day, but...


Some tasks of your business may not get computerized right away because of budget factors or possibly there may be some tasks that should not be computerized.

It now becomes a study of "Essentials, Wants and Budget". Typically, the IT industry starts with a Needs Analysis to define the business technology requirements.

Vertical Technology Services simplifies the Needs Analysis to address the needs of micro-business with a professional study. We demystify the study with simple language to address the goals of the business.

  • tasks & needs - absolute essential technology in place to accomplish core business.

  • must have - essential but second in priority, probably due to budget.

  • wants - typically items that are non-essentials... would be nice, as soon as the budget and training allows.

  • office candy - looks cool in the office. May even enhance branding or image. In some industries this factor of branding or image makes this a Needs.

We further assist in scaling all these factors anticipating the growth cycle and fiscal budget. With all that said, Vertical Technology Services will guide and assist you to decipher the following:

  • what are your current business challenges

  • is the Cloud the right technology for your business

  • what must be solved now using technology

  • Integrating web technologies
     - Websites (one or more)
     - SEO
     - Multi/X-crossed web presence
     - additional possibilities

  • what can be solved using technology in the future

  • define the technology solutions

  • plan for and manage the costs

  • schedule the Deployment Cycle

  • enter the Production Cycle

  • forward-looking and planning next cycle of growth

As you can see, like most other tasks and processes of business, budget is a large factor in technology. Affordability, Scaled Costs, Layered Costs, Managed Cost, and Partnered Costs.

Vertical Technology Services can off-set many of your costs with our MCITS approach.

We stand firm in providing professional services and quality technology solutions for people.

  • Start Up Ventures

  • Micro Business

  • SoHo

  • 501(c)(3)

Our background of 30 years business experience and core competencies in the IT field, provides you strength in support of your business.


















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